O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University

O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University ,kiev
 Medical Faculty of Kyiv University, reorganized in 1920 in Kyiv Medical Institute, was founded in April 1840 ,22 medical students who entered the department, listened to the first lecture on anatomy September 9, 1841.
Due to lack of proper premises for placement of medical faculty it was scheduled for 1842, when it was planned to finish the construction of the main university building. However, the need for doctors, especially in connection with the widespread distribution of epidemics in the country, was so great that in December 1840, Minister Uvarov to amend the previous decree proposed the administration of the University of Kiev with the beginning of 1841/42 on. To open the 1st course of the medical faculty.

According to the Charter of 1842, intended solely for the University of Kiev, the medical faculty had consist of the following departments: 1) The anatomy of the physiological with micrography; 2) Physiology of a healthy person; 3) Physiology of the sick person, or pathological physiology with pathologic anatomy; 4) General therapy and “intensive management” with the necessary instructions on toxicology; 5) Operative surgery with surgical clinic; 6) theoretical surgery with ophthalmology; 7) Private therapy in full; 8) Therapeutic Clinic with semiotics; Obstetrics theoretical and practical, obstetric clinic; 10) State likrelogy, which includes: a) forensic medicine; b) Medical police with hygiene; b) Medical legislation, i.e. a summary of the case, the order of service, as well as information on civil service and jurisprudence in necessary for the doctor volume; d) Veterinary police with epizootic diseases.
These chairs were to be replaced gradually with the organization at the senior medical faculty.
The Medical faculty was transferred part of the laboratory assets of the Vienna medical and Surgical Academy, closed by the Tsarist government shortly before the establishment of the faculty. Due to the fact that the majority of professors and lecturers of the Academy had poles, few of them were able to work at medical Faculty of Kyiv University.
In May 1845, The first issue took place. Medical Faculty of Kyiv University finished, having received the title doctor, 3 persons.
Already at the establishment of the faculty, he was given an important role in the system of medical education in Russia to become a governing center for other medical faculties in southern Russia.

Successes of the medical Faculty of Kyiv University are largely caused by by the fact that its development, as well as the birth of the faculty, is connected with the name of Pirogov. In the “Diary of an old doctor” Nikolai Ivanovich, talking about his activities as a member and commission at the Ministry of Education, says: “All This is the same as Vybory Medicinskih faculties all Russian University school passed through our hands. Especially, in the name of Vremya Medicine, the Faculty of Kievskogo University, start Vsezcello Uchrezhdsya and Izgathersya in our “.
The Pupils and successors of Mykola Ivanovich were the first professors of the faculty – V.O. Karavayev, M. I. Kozlov, O. P. Walter.
The Formation of V.O. Karavayev as a skilful and skillful surgeon took place under the direct influence of M. I. Pirogov, who wrote: “I am a Mogu on the right to read one of my characters Pitomtsev: I sent the ego of the Shah on the Poprische Khyrogiy, somnopolyl Emu already mine direction in Izzurcheni chyrogyy».

A Direct influence on the development of the medical faculty was M. I. Pirogov at the time when he was the curator of the Kiev Educational district (1858-1861 biennium).
Paying considerable attention to the education of the students, M. Pirogov at the same time worried about her daily needs. With his active participation in Kyiv University, the first student classes were organized to provide material assistance to students. Pirogov also promoted the creation of a student library and a lecture hall. At the request of students M. Pirogov before the leaving from Kiev gave his photoportrait to the lecture hall, which made the inscription: “I Love and molodost. Then that is to die. N. I. Pirogov, 1861, 13 April, G. Kiev “.

In 1875 a city Alexander hospital was opened in Kyiv, which became the base for a number of clinics of the medical faculty.
That same year, the building for the Department of General Pathology and histology (now Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street) was built, and after 10 years – the building of the faculty therapeutic and Surgical Clinics (now the T. G. Shevchenko Boulevard, 17).
During this period, a number of new departments were created at the Medical Faculty: operative surgery, nervous diseases, physiological chemistry, pediatrics, surgical pathology, etc. The Faculty of Medicine becomes the largest faculty at Kyiv University. In 1885, 986 students studied here.
In 60-80-ies of the XIX century. The teaching staff of the faculty was replenished with a number of prominent scholars among which were V. O. Betz, V. Pokrovskiy, P. I. Peremezhko, V. B. Tomsa, M. V. Sklifosovsky, V. A. Subbotin, M. A. Khrzonishchevskiy, G. M. Minh, A. Ivanov and others.

In the late XIX-early XX art. A number of departments were led by the great scientists – M. I. Stukovenkov, V. V. Pidvysotskyi, V. E. Chernov, O. D. Pavlovsky, S. M. Revytsky, M.m. Volkovych, V. P. Obraztsov, F. G. Yanovsky, V. Vysotkovich, М. M. Diteria, K. E. Dobrovolsky, A. P. Krymov, O. V. Korchak-Chepurkivskyi, V. Y. Chahovets.
A Significant contribution to the study of microscopic anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system Was made by Ukrainian anatoma and V. O. Bets histologist. His Classical Work “Anatomy poverhnosti the main brains” was the beginning of modern teaching of cellular structure of the cerebral cortex. Research by V. O. Betz, adrenal cortex, development and bone growth, clinical diagnosis were also of Great importance.
The Prominent pathology and epidemiologist H. M. Minh His research, associated sometimes with the risk for life, introduced a lot of new issues in the etiology and pathogenesis of a number of infectious diseases.
In 1840, a Society of Kyiv doctors was organized, which invariably headed, starting with 1849 professors of the School of Medicine. In 1869 most faculty professors, along with professors from other faculties, participated in the founding of the University Society of Naturalists. At the initiative Of The Student Medical doctor A. Kysil, future prominent national pediatrician, in 1881 was organized student Scientific Society “Klynicheskoe” student-Memakov “. In 1896, Kiev University was formed physical and medical Society. His First chairman was Professor M. I. Stukovenkov.
A number of clinical associations are organized At the faculty: Scientific Society of Obstetricians-Gynecologists (1885), Psychiatric (1897), Dermatologic and Cyphyliological Society (1900). “Trudy”, “Notes” and other editions of these societies represented a significant scientific value.
The Professors of the medical faculty considered their duty to promote medical knowledge, increase of medical culture of population in Kyiv and Ukraine. For many years, Professor M. A. Khrzonishchevskiy headed the commission of Medical folk readings, created in 1886.
In March 1920, on the orders of the no111 of Kiev Sphynaryworlds in Kiev was established Institute of Health which United Medical Faculty of Kyiv University with the medical Faculty of the Ukrainian State University and Female Medical Institute.

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