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“CLICKSTAR ABROAD EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is working in ukraine for students from asia & africa for last 8 years in the field of medicine, dentistry , engineering, business & hotel management,journalism , arts & music ,international relation & economics ,linguistic courses and different post graduation courses .

You will be happy to know that for the last several years ukraine is the hottest destination to study MBBS/MD for asian & african students,
especially for indian students . In the year 2017 more than 7000 students came to ukraine to study medicine among them 4000 were from india and in the year 2018 more than 10 000 students came among them 6500 students were from india.

We are not just a consultancy but its a team of people whose vision is to help students around the world by making there way easier to get education abroad, so that each and every aspirant could achieve desired goals in their life & could fulfill their parent’s dreams.

Our team works round the clock to support the students right from the step of choosing the course ,help in preparation of required documents to get admission including passport assistance . If you are willing to study abroad just contact to our office in different cities or else you can call on our contact numbers in any city . You can enquire or apply online through our website too. Our representatives will contact you as they will get query from your side.

Here are some of our major tasks which can tell you how our “clickstar abroad education consultancy” supports our students :

1.Right from the begining we help the aspirant to choose the right course and university best suitable for him in ukraine.

2.Help him to prepare all the necessary documents needed to get invitation/admission letter from university ,including passport assistance.

3. full assistance for visa application

4. We help to find cheaper airline tickets for aspirants.

5. Full assistance in airport check in from india and airport pickup in ukraine.

6.Our representative meet you at desired airport in ukraine and will help to reach to the university , where we assist the student to pay his tuition fee. & hostel fee. Arrange preliminary accommodation if needed or permanent accommodation in hostel as early as possible.

7. Our representative will come to meet you for several days until you will finish all of your initial steps of admission.he will help you to open bank accounts,to make student concession cards , explain you about the main city spots & spots which will handy for you in future like shopping places etc.

8. There will at least one representative will always available not far from the university during the whole year so that in case to any urgency we can help you, the contact number of that representative will ne provided after reaching to ukraine.

9.During the study we use provide information about different scholarship and conferences programs offered by european countires ,usa, canada,australia,new zealand,singapore ,japan ,malaysia ,china etc., by attending these international programs students earns experience which makes his professional life more bright.

10.After finishing the desired course our consultancy provides some job counselling in several european countries like germany ,sweden ,denmark ,norway ,switzerland ,france ,united kingdom, which helps to get valuable jobs to our successful degree holder professionals in the field of medicine , engineering , business & hotel management etc.

So in this way we support our students through each & every moment of course and even in his professional life later too.

” Remember there is nothing is impossible in human life , if someone is determined to do something, he will find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles”

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